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Solar Panels & Rainwater System - Lightbox Project

Incorporating more sustainable features on our Kristin campus helps put our environmental and sustainability vision and principles into action. The installation of solar panels and water tanks for the Lightbox on a scale that makes a real and positive difference will help us reduce our use of Auckland's limited resources. But we need you! So come on Team Kristin, be part of our environmental and sustainability vision by donating to this great project.
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How Can I Help?

This fundraising project is seeking your financial support to help Kristin School put our environmental and sustainability vision and principles into action – with the purchase of solar panels and rainwater system for our new “Lightbox” multi-sport covered complex.

As a school that seeks to ensure our students are “future ready”, we need to be leading by example as well what we teach. Our beautiful campus needs to incorporate more sustainable features – we need you to be part of our solution in making this difference.

We started a year ago with our first solar panels installed on the Auditorium and Wellbeing Centre, and these already generated 31,087 kWh of energy in 2020. Our new covered multi-sports centre is an ideal new build to add additional solar panels onto. These further solar panels would enable us to almost double our energy production, as it is expected to generate an additional 27,000 kWh (approx.) per year.

In addition the proposed new three rainwater tanks, including an irrigation and pumping system, would help ensure that our park-like grounds can be maintained even through the dry seasons, and reduce our use of mains water supply.

The "Lightbox" is currently being constructed over our old netball courts beside the Auditorium on our front fields. This construction project should be completed by the end of Term 2 (end of June) and is fully funded by our school. The budget could not extend to these additional sustainable features.

We need to raise a total of $140,000 – which would cover the full costs of the equipment and installation of both the solar panels and rainwater systems.

All donations will be most gratefully accepted. For people who donate a significant amount to this project, we will be recognising them with a plaque thanking those who contributed in the following way:

Bronze Donors (for amounts over $2,500)
Silver Donors (for amounts over $5,000)
Gold Donors (for amounts over $10,000)

Please contact Tash Bartlett on for more details.

We look forward to your support, and being able to make this exciting sustainability project happen!