Kristin Logins

For difficulties or information regarding logging in to the Kristin Portal and other Kristin network systems

Staff and Students

Please contact the ICTS Helpzone in the Library and Information Centre for assistance with your school login. Staff can call extension 2414 or email Boost.


Click Sign In on the menu above. You will then be able to enter your email address and password. New parents will receive their login details shortly before their son or daughter begins their schooling at Kristin.

Note: a unique email address is required for each individual so we can supply every parent with their own personal login.
If your login is not working, you can reset your password clicking 'Forgot Password' at the following website:
If you currently share an email address with your child's mother or father; or if you think you should have login details and you do not, please contact us so that we can rectify the issue.

Email the Portal team (
Our team will make sure you can access the Portal so that you can benefit from the interactivity of this fabulous Kristin resource:
  • parent-focused information about Kristin and upcoming activities
  • check the personal timetable, attendance records, latest reports and assessment results for your child
  • access EZLunch orders online
  • online bookings for Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • review the contact and medical information that the school currently holds for your family
Kristin has always been a leader in the use of digital technologies, and it is our aim to offer all members of the school family ready access to information that is directly relevant to them, and to therefore continue to enhance the education we offer.


We would greatly appreciate your feedback about what you'd like to see more of from the Portal in the future.

Place feedback with us (