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Kristin's Dove Scholarship Programme

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To discuss any Kristin fundraising initiatives further, please contact Mark Wilson, Executive Principal, on +64 9 415 9566 Ext 2302 or email Mark Wilson.

How Can I Help?

We are seeking your financial assistance to help us build our Kristin Dove Scholarship Programme. This fund enables young people who may not have been able to attend Kristin School, to attend in order to help them fulfil their potential and contribute positively to Kristin School.

The school age years are perhaps the most influential years of a person's life. Students selected to be offered a scholarship must be able to demonstrate: aspirational hopes for themselves, personal values that align with our school, personal capabilities or talents that Kristin would help enhance, and potential to add vibrancy and/or diversity to our school community.

Our scholarships are known as 'Dove Scholarships', a name that recognises our school's image, our message of hope and aspiration, and our living out our founding values, including love for others.

These scholarships are directly funded through both the school's own annual budget and donations from supporters who share our desire to help enable young people to be able to experience the opportunities and benefits of an education here at Kristin School. The more donations we receive the more opportunities we are able to provide for aspirational young people who need financial assistance in order to attend Kristin.

You can be part of making a real and positive difference in the life and development of a young person, by donating directly to the scholarship fund using the form on this page.

More information on Kristin's "Dove Scholarships" is available on:
You can also contact our Admissions Manager on: