Term Calendar Subscriptions

Kristin has a number of term calendars which each have their own subscription feeds. Using Google Calendar is the easiest way to subscribe.

Once subscribed to a calendar, the calendar application you have subscribed with (such as Google Calendar or your iPhone Calendar) will receive Kristin Term Calendar events and any updates.

Depending on what software or device you use for calendaring, you may be prompted to subscribe to multiple calendars. If so, it is recommended that you always subscribe to the Whole School and Day of Week calendars, plus School specific calendars.

Google Calendar

To Subscribe: Use this Kristin School Term Calendar Google link.

Description: If you are not signed in to Google, you will be prompted to do so. Once signed in to Google you can select which calendar events you would like to view.

Works Best With: Users of Google including Android smart phones.

Apple iOS Calendar (iPad, iPhone)

To Subscribe: Use this Kristin School Term Calendar iOS link.

Description: Your device will open this link and prompt you to add the Kristin Term Calendars to your device.

Works Best With: Users of Apple's iOS Calendar including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Manual Subscriptions